Hello there, Brother Durm here!

Kalamity Falls is a storytelling ministry started in 1993 to teach Biblical Principals to children at a vacation Bible school. It has since evolved into a unique approach to family ministry that is enjoyed by audiences ranging from Sunday morning church services to children’s revivals, youth camps, jail, and prison inmates.

We believe in the practical application of the Word of God in our daily lives. We all experience calamities. How we respond to those adversities is the key to having a victorious walk with Jesus Christ. Jesus not only wants to give us eternal life through His saving Grace, but He also wants us to enjoy our life here on earth. It’s our heart's desire to have a safe place where kids are encouraged to dream with God and supported as they attain them.

To know their prayers make a difference and that God loves to hear their hearts expressed in prayer.

That was then, and this is now. In 2013 I moved to Missouri following three eyelid surgeries in Lake Havasu, AZ. In Missouri, I was blessed with three doctors, 4 additional surgeries, one being laser surgery. We are pleased to announce that we are back to ministering with a refreshed anointing from the Father's Heart. Blessings to our families in Lake Havasu, AZ, Missouri, Hope Church, our new home in Prescott, AZ, and Church for the Nations. See you Soon with brand new surprises.

Brother Durm, over and out and don't forget,

"Prayer Changes Things."

Meet our friends!

Kachoo Bear

Hello everybody, it's Kachoo Bear! I'm 7-foot-2, bright-blue, I love Jesus, and I love you! Guess what, I get to help in Kalamity Falls! I help all the little animals, I lift 'em up for this, or I boost 'em up for that. I get to work in my berry patch, and I get to catch fresh fishes. And you know what else? I get to read the Word of God and I get to learn about Jesus Christ. And I know all about prayer! I can hardly wait for you to come back and visit!

See you soon!